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PlayTimon of Athens
GenderUncertain, Mixed or Unknown
Role SummaryNumerous servants appear in Timon of Athens: Isidore's Servant pursues his master's claim for money due from Timon. (Isidore is not a character.) Lucius' Servant (at one point addressed as Lucius) is among the servants clamouring for payment of their master's debts in the second such scene, prompting Timon to announce his second feast. Lucullus' Servant announces Flaminius' arrival at Lucullus' home, and provides wine.Two of Varro's servants pursue their master's claim for money due from Timon. (Varro is not a character, although his first servant is at one point addressed as Varro.) A servant to the First Lord reports that horses are ready, for Lords to leave Timon's first feast.Three servants of Timon make announcements at Timon's first feast, and later - with Flavius - mourn for Timon's poverty, and the loss of their jobs. A servant of Timon approaches Sempronius - unsuccessfully - with a request for funds for Timon. Three of Timon's servants are named characters: Flaminius, Lucilius and Servilius.